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Whether you are buying a home, selling a condo or refinancing, choosing a Real Estate Lawyer is an essential element of the process.

When should you Call a Real Estate Lawyer?

​If you are buying or selling with a Real Estate Agent or using Com Free or Property Guys, it is recommended to contact a Real Estate Lawyer as soon as possible and prior to signing any Offer’s to Purchase. These contracts can often times be filled with terms and conditions that can have serious legal consequences in the event that they are not lived up to.

I'm Selling A Home

  • Executed Contract of Purchase and Sale;
  • Existing Transfer/Deed – Ownership documents;
  • Details on any Existing Mortgage, Line of Credit or other Encumbrances (Mortgage Reference Number and Company);
  • Current year’s Realty Tax Bill and how much you have paid;
  • Any survey in your possession;
  • Forwarding Address;
  • You will be required to sign closing documents prior to the completion;
  • You will be required to provide two pieces of valid government identification;
  • On-site signing at a specified location can be arranged for additional fees;
  • Net Proceeds are payable by Solicitor Trust Cheque or Wired to a specified Account;
  • Net Proceeds are only made payable to the Title Holders (Owner(s);
  • In most cases the Realtor’s Brokerage will deposit the excess commissions to the Buyer’s Lawyer;
  • Any Excess deposit are then used to complete the transaction and payout the remaining agent’s commission fees;
  • If the deposit amount does not cover the Realtor’s Commission, the required amount will be advanced to the Brokerage from the purchase proceeds;

It is advisable to make arrangements to cancel the Fire Insurance Policy after the transaction has been completed;

Water, Hydro, Gas, Oil, Cable, etc – You are responsible for arranging for a final meter reading and providing a forwarding address. Maio Law does not contact utility providers. Please advise Maio Law if you have any flat rate services that you prepay so appropriate adjustments can be made on closing;

Any payments due prior to the closing date will be your responsibility. Adjustments can be made on the Statement of Adjustments to balance any overpayment.

I'm Buying A Home

You have been shopping the real estate market to find your perfect home and you’ve made an offer and the Seller has accepted it. NOW, what do you do?
Provide my office with the Contract of Purchase and Sale as soon as possible. If you are using a real estate agent, you can direct him/her to email it or fax it to our office.

Likely prior to making any offer you will have met with a mortgage agent and determined the price range within your budget. You likely have already satisfied any outstanding conditions or lender requirements, if you are unsure, please confirm with your mortgage agent. You will then want to provide Maio Law’s contact information to your mortgage agent so that the necessary instructions can be sent to our office by the Lender. Once the required instructions are received, our office will be in a position to prepare the required mortgage closing documents.

Purchasers of a house will be required to provide our law office with an Insurance Binder/Policy prior to the closing of your purchase. You will want to provide our law office contact information to your Insurance Agent and request that they provide our office with the required documents. If you are purchasing a condominium, it is necessary for the unit owner to obtain content insurance for the individual unit and as well for public liability. The condominium corporation will have separate insurance in place for the building and common areas.
At the time of closing you will likely be required to pay Land Transfer Tax on the amount of the purchase price. The total Land Transfer Tax payable can be calculated below. First time home buyers are entitled to a rebate. Land Transfer Tax payable is in addition to the purchase price and will be required on closing.

Water, Hydro, Gas, Oil, Cable, etc – You are responsible for arranging for a final meter reading and providing a forwarding address. Maio Law does not contact utility providers. Please advise Maio Law if you have any flat rate services that you prepay so appropriate adjustments can be made on closing;

You will be required to provide my office with a Certified Cheque or Bank Draft. My office will provide you with the required closing funds that will be due upon closing. Funds will be made payable to our office in Trust.
You will be notified when all the required closing documents are ready for your signing. If there is more than one individual going on title, both individuals must attend to sign the required documents. Two pieces of identification will be required at the time of signing, one being a valid photo card. Should you require on-site signing at a particular location, please inform our office ahead of time so appropriate arrangements can be made.
It is your responsibility to contact the utility companies and set up the necessary accounts or provide the necessary information to effect any transfers.

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