Through family law mediation, you will be empowered to finalize your separation and divorce with reduced conflict compared to the adversarial process.

Separation and divorce no longer have to be hostile, costly, or protracted. We provide various timeline options for completing an amicable separation via family law mediation so both parties can move forward.

Neutral Third Party

Family Law Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps facilitate communication and negotiation between two or more parties who are involved in a dispute or conflict.

Avoids Litigation

Family Law Mediation can be a useful alternative to going to court, as it is often less expensive and time-consuming.

Mutually Acceptable Outcome

The family law mediator does not make decisions or impose solutions but instead assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. The mediator remains impartial and does not take sides.

Achieve Workable Outcomes

The goal of family law mediation is to promote understanding, identify common interests, and explore possible solutions that address the needs and concerns of all parties involved.

Resolve a Myriad of Disputes

Some common issues resolved through family law mediation include disputes over parenting time, parental responsibilities, and child support, as well as property division and spousal support.

Confidential Process

It is a voluntary and confidential process that encourages open dialogue and empowers the parties to actively participate in finding a resolution that meets their interests and maintains relationships.

Final Agreement

If an agreement, whether separation agreement or parenting plan agreement, is reached through mediation, it can then be reviewed and finalized by a family law lawyer before being submitted to the court for approval.


in Person Mediation


Online Family Law Mediation



In the Pre-mediation stage, we will prepare for the mediation. This involves several activities and steps taken by the mediator and the parties to ensure that the mediation session is productive and successful.


The Mediation Session begins with the parties establishing an agenda of topics. The mediator assists the parties through the agenda. Mediations can last for several hours or span over several days, which is the choice of the parties.


It’s at this stage where we take all the hard work the parties accomplished in resolving their topics and format them into a memorandum of understanding to be reviewed by their respective counsel.


A mediator is independent neutral third party who helps facilitate communication at negotiation between two or more parties involved in a dispute.
Mediation can begin as early as the date of separation or as late as several weeks prior to trial.
No, mediation is not to early. This could be a great time to meet in a controlled environment and discuss the dissolution of your personal lives and finances.
You do not necessarily need a lawyer to begin mediation although it is recommend that both parties receive independent legal advice prior to signing a final agreement?
Mediation is usually a voluntary process. This means that all the people involved in the conflict need to agree to attend mediation. It also means that if during the mediation process a person involved in the conflict does not feel like mediation is the right fit, they have the option to leave the mediation after speaking to the mediator about it.
Mediation can be as little as a few hours or span over multiple days depending on the number of topics involved and the complexity of those topics.
Practically any dispute can be mediated, the parties just have to be willing to come to the table. In a family law setting, topics include, parental responsibilities, parenting time, contact time, child support, relocation, travel, asset and liability determination and division, pension division, and spousal support.
Before the mediation session, the mediator will schedule a separate pre-mediation conversation with you to discuss the issues and ensure a smooth mediation process. It is advisable to consider seeking an independent legal perspective, gather any pertinent documents, and take time to reflect on the matters you will be mediating. Determine what holds significance to you and the reasons behind it, as well as your perception of a fair resolution.
The primary participants in mediation are the individuals in conflict and the mediator. If the involved parties have legal representation, their lawyers may also be present at times. Additionally, depending on the situation, other individuals affected by the conflict or providing support to those involved, such as grandparents, counselors, accountants, and others, may also attend or be in close proximity.
Absolutely! If you both are unable to attend the mediation session in person, virtual or online mediation options are available, allowing you to both engage in the process remotely. It’s essential to inform the mediator about your preference for remote participation, and they will work with you both to ensure your active involvement in the mediation process. Your voice and perspective are valuable, regardless of your physical presence, and the mediator will make arrangements to accommodate both parties needs.
Yes, there are different mediation packages available to suit the party’s specific needs. These packages start with a 10-hour session that is divided into two four-hour sessions and two one hour intake sessions.
Mediation generally expedites arbitration or court proceedings by reducing the scope and quantity of matters requiring resolution, thus leading to a more efficient and cost-effective process, even if complete issue resolution is not achieved.

Why Choose Maio Law


  • Minimizes stress compared to the traditionally  adversarial court process
  • Saves time and money compared to litigation
  • Prioritizes the best outcome for the entire family
  • Generates innovative solutions for challenging issues
  • Promotes cooperation and avoids confrontations.
  • Yields a Memorandum of Understanding that can be transformed into a legally binding Separation Agreement or parenting agreement by your respective lawyers

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