Family Law Agreements

Family law agreements in kelowna | Protect your rights and future

The Family Law Act encourages out-of-court resolutions. Parties are able to enter into agreements to resolve existing family law disputes or future family law disputes.

What you need to know about Family Law Agreements

Maio Law can help you navigate the intricacies of either a:

  • Cohabitation Agreement
  • Marriage Agreement (Prenuptial Agreement)
  • Separation Agreement
  • Parenting Plan Agreement 

As part of navigating these agreements issues that often arise are:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody issues more properly defined as guardianship, parenting arrangements which encompasses parenting time and parental responsibilities
  • Spousal Support – entitlement, amount and duration
  • Property division inclusive of:
    • Real Property
    • Personal Property
    • Pension Plans
    • Family debt

In navigating these issues, Maio Law can assist parties in the negotiation process. Negotiation of these issues can be either through the parties themselves or through either parties respective counsel. Often times the parties may choose to take part in mediation. Mediation can be an effective way to reach consensus on many family law issues. A neutral and independent third party meets both parties and assists them in attempting to reach agreement on issues the parties choose to mediate.

Sometimes the situation is such that the parties are unable to navigate these issues without the assistance of the formal court process. Where this is the case, then Maio Law can help you with implementing a strategy and filing the family law agreement in either the Provincial Court of British Columbia or the Supreme Court of British Columbia, if necessary.

Although the categories of issues are relatively the same for every file, each family law file is unique with particular aspects that are more or less important depending on the family dynamics. That is why at Maio Law your experience will be custom tailored to your unique situation.

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Effective communication is the key to resolving any dispute and it starts at your initial meeting with Maio Law as we discuss the reasons for contacting us, the nature of your dispute and your desired goals and outcomes.



During the Planning & Strategy phase, Maio Law will review your case and discuss various options and methods of resolution to effectively accomplish your desired outcomes according to your budget and timeline.



This phase is where the plan and strategy are put into action. During the execution phase, your plan and strategy will adapt to meet the changing environment to reach your desired outcome and goals.

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